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Печальненько чота президентство Трампа кончается. Женщину застрелили.

Причём прямо под куполом Капитолия.

Теперь газеты выходят с аршинными заголовками типа


Сторонница Трампа скончалась от огнстрельного ранения внутри Капитолия США, когда сторонники движения MAGA штурмовали здание и яростно вступили в столкновение с полицией в попытке помешать сертификации победы Джо Байдена. Женщина была ранена в грудь в среду днем после того, как десятки сторонников Трампа нарушили периметры безопасности в Капитолии. Она умерла спустя несколько часов, сообщили источники в правоохранительных органах. Пока не ясно, кто стрелял в женщину. Сообщается также, что были ранены десятки полицейских.

A woman was shot in the chest on Wednesday afternoon after chaotic scenes broke out when dozens of Trump supporters breached security perimeters at the Capitol. She died at a hospital hours later, law enforcement sources said
Апдейт от 7 января 2021 года. 10 часов утра в Монреале.  Всего жмуров от бунтов четверо: Армянскому радио задают вопрос:

How many people died in the Capitol riots? (Сколько людей погибло во время беспорядков в столице?)

Оно отвечает:

At least four people died in the riots. Aside from the woman who was shot, police say three others were killed in what was described as "medical emergencies". (В беспорядках погибло по меньшей мере четыре человека. Помимо женщины, которая была застрелена, полиция утверждает, что еще трое погибли от причин, связаных с "неотложной медицинской помощью".

Убитая Эшли Бэббит

Ashli Babbitt has been reported as the woman who was shot dead

An explosion caused by a police munition is seen while Trump supporters gather in front of the Capitol on Wednesday

The DC National Guard was deployed to the streets to help enforce a 6pm curfew

National Guard members line up on the Capitol grounds as protesters continue occupying the area after curfew

С большой долей вероятности вот эти ребята и хлопнули её...

Capitol police officers point their guns at a door that was vandalized in the House Chamber during a joint session of Congress

Members of congress ran from the floor as police ordered them to evacuate to their offices for their own safety after a mob smashed through police barricades

Paramedics work to resuscitate a patient near the Capitol after it was stormed by Trump supporters on Wednesday

Police try to hold back protesters pushing into a doorway at the Capitol on Wednesday

The mostly maskless crowd flooded the halls of the Capitol with little resistance from Capitol Police

Members of congress run for cover as protesters try to enter the House Chamber

Уволок кафедру Нэнси Пелози на сувенир

A protester walks through Congress carrying Nancy Pelosi's lectern after storming the Capitol

A Trump supporter posed alongside a statue of President Gerald Ford inside the Capitol

Police deployed tear gas at protesters who refused to step away from barriers outside the White House

Police spray tear gas at a protester who picked up a police barricade in an effort to get closer to the Capitol

A rioter holds a Trump flag inside the US Capitol after storming the building. He is standing in front of a painting depicting the Battle of Lake Erie - major US naval victory in the War of 1812

A protester is seen hanging from the balcony in the Senate Chamber

Capitol police detain protesters outside of the House Chamber on Wednesday

Lawmakers were urged to put gas masks on as police fired tear gas to stop the protesters

Rep. David Trone wears a gas mask inside the US Capitol. Lawmakers cowering inside the House Chamber were urged to put on gas masks as tear gas was fired in the Rotunda

Members of Congress are pictured rushing to evacuate the House Chamber as protesters attempted to enter

Мне это напомнило штурм Зимнего...

Lawmakers cower in fear as protesters try to break down the doors of the House Chamber on Wednesday

The storming brought the certification of Joe Biden’s victory to a halt – after Pence said he would defy Trump and refuse to overturn the election single-handed

Supporters of US President Donald Trump roam under the Capitol Rotunda after invading the Capitol building

Protesters gesture to U.S. Capitol Police in the hallway outside of the Senate chamber at the Capitol

В кресле Нэнси Пелоси

A supporter of US President Donald J. Trump sits on the desk of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Джо обратился 7 января к народу по поводу вчерашних беспорядков. Фотографу АП - респект. Поймал момент.

Joe Biden addressing the nation about the violence last night
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