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Одна из лучших в мире фотографов-документалисток, о которой мало кто слышал.

Удивительные снимки Иды Уайман об американской уличной жизни 1940-х и 50-х годов, голливудском гламуре Элизабет Тейлор и Рональда Рейгана и эйфории от победы союзников над Японией

Ida at Burbank Airport, Los Angeles, 1950. Photograph by Simon Nathan.

Ida Wyman is one of the best documentary photographers you have never heard of. During a time when the field was dominated by men, Wyman rose from a 'girl mailroom boy' in the 1940s at Acme Newspictures to become one of the few female photojournalists who worked for the preeminent magazines of its day, Time and Life, according to a Huck Magazine article. An exhibition, Ida Wyman: Life with a Camera, at the Monroe Gallery of Photography in Santa Fe, New Mexico gave Wyman, who died in 2019 at age 93, her due.

Ида Вайман - один из лучших фотографов-документалистов, о которых вы, возможно, никогда не слышали.
Во времена, когда в этой области доминировали мужчины, Вайман прошла путь от "девочки-почтальона" в 1940-х годах в Acme Newspictures до одной из немногих женщин-фотожурналистов, работавших в ведущих журналах своего времени, Time и Life, говорится в статье журнала Huck. Выставка "Ида Вайман: Жизнь с камерой" в Галерее фотографии Монро в Санта-Фе, Нью-Мексико, воздала должное Уайман, которая умерла в 2019 году в возрасте 93 лет.

Elizabeth Taylor in 1950 on the set of 'A Place in the Sun' is caught mid-dance with Montgomery Clift (only his hand is visible). Ida Wyman was a photojournalist born in 1926 to Latvian immigrants that owned a small grocery store in the Bronx. She amassed a colossal photo archive throughout her career while working for Life, Look and other magazines during the 1940s and '50s; but her work was never properly recognized and she went unheralded for her entire life.

Wyman snapped Ronald Reagan with Bonzo the chimpanzee on set for 'Bedtime for Bonzo' in 1951 for Life Magazine. 'I used to walk around the set with him, holding his hand,' she said to The Journal News of White Plains in 1984. 'You began to think of him as a big kid with hair, except he had a very powerful grip, not like a 5-year-old'.

Продолжение - в моём личном блоге.

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